June Goals

Normal Person’s Summer:

Laura’s Summer:

Yay Equipment Room. This is where I work. My desk to be exact. I’ll be inside with no windows..no sun..no sign of life.. all. summer. long. yay.

If you guys are wondering why I’m cracker white in the middle of July – this will be why. :P If anyone wants to send me something beautiful to make my desk bearable… please do. =)

We’re literally underground in here. Nike just sent us a baseball order with new/random packaging tape.


In other news:

        If you know me, you know that I am a HUGE list person. Literally every day I have at least one piece of paper with my “list” on it. Sometimes more than one. It’s a problem. I make lists for every occasion. I make lists for non-occasions. I make lists for every reason that normal people make lists…then multiply that by one thousand. Sometimes when my day is super busy, and the length of my list haunts me – I write things like “shower” and “eat” just so I’ll be able to cross something off. ha. My mind just works better when things are put into categories and have a concrete “place” in my mind.

This is what today’s list looks like: thankfully, it’s a small one. :)
(yay for being summer time!!!)

So. Humor me.
I decided to make June Goals.
In list form, of course.

  • Get 1600 + pairs of shoes shipped to Nicaragua
  • Get in shape (HA.) here’s hoping.
  • ^ Walk every day, Run 4 times a week.
  • Finish planning Nica Schedule details
  • TALK TO HALLE. more than once. (Nica Host)
  • Keep my Cum Laude Status by kicking my MGT class’ butt.
  • Clean my room. Like yesterday.
  • Find a way to see Annalee.
  • Make blogging friends.
  • Pull off Nica Orientation successfully. :) Get everyone excited and ready.

The above doesn’t include daily tasks. These are, of course, overall goals for the month.
July 1st = shlabam. These suckas better be done.

Cheers to crossing things off lists. :) I hope your day is productive!

This website: www.pandora.com helps me stay focused and cross thing off my list. If you don’t have an account, I suggest you create one!
Best part: it’s free.

Current favorite station: http://www.pandora.com/?sc=sh471489041702384717  if anyone wants to listen to my jamz. =)  Adele sings the words of my soul and melodies of my heart.

Pictures of the beautiful babes coming soon. :) Still working on editing.

Kisses for you, Carolina. ;)


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