To the river

Sorry it took so long. I really wanted to find a way to make the horizontal pictures larger in the post so you could see them…but no luck. So here is everything. Enjoy.

Sunday was a great day!!  Our church spent the afternoon outside for a river baptism. :)

click & view them full screen – they’re DEFINITELY better that way!!!
You can’t appreciate their awesomeness on this tiny screen.

I just love all the joy in each of these pictures..

I LOVE taking pictures of Ronnie and Samuel!!! This one is my favorite. MISTY- your family is so beautiful. really REALLY want to come over and snap some family pictures of you guys!

The day was wonderful. Lots of laughs and LOTS of fellowship.

There were 6 people baptized and one person dunked for a remembrance of her baptism.

Love the water in this one.
It reminds me of all his sins being washed away
[click pic and view full screen]

Joe Harmon and Pastor Ty Harrison
[click pic and view full screen]

Here is Alex Harmon…precious little boy. I love everything about this picture. I love the way Alex is looking up to Ronnie. Don’t ever stop, son. He’s an amazing role model. I love the way Ronnie is holding his hand up – acknowledging the Father and Alex’s life given to Him. I love the way Alex’s daddy, Kerry, is looking down at his son.. making sure he is safe in the water. Paying close attention to Alex’s every move. I especially love Kerry’s shirt. How fitting for the occasion.. :)
[click pic and view full screen]

Jessica Huerta Barba

Ronnie helping his father and mother. =] Look at the smiles on their faces.
You can’t see it, but I guarantee Sylvia is smiling too. 

Zach Surratt

I LOVE how beast Ty looks in this picture. ha! this looks more like a warrior shot than a baptism picture.. yeaahh Ty.

Sylvia Collins, Ronnie’s momma. Look at that smile. :)
[click pic and view full screen]

AND NOW. One of the most amazing parts of the entire day. Ronnie was honored to be able to baptize his daddy, Gray Collins. Ronnie has been praying since he was a child that his daddy would be saved… he never thought in a million years that he would be the one to baptise him… it was beautiful. 

This is the face Ronnie makes when he’s really excited about saying something really important. It’s usually followed by addressing us as “folks..”  here, he’s saying “folks, today is a great day..”  (ha! I know you too well! Or maybe I’ve just heard too many of your sermons)

“I want you all to know this is one of the greatest honors in my life”


Glory to God forever, Amen. My favorite shot of the day. Love the way Gray’s hands are folded. And Ronnie’s face shows pure joy, compassion, and relief. 40 years of praying..a worry lifted. DEFINITELY click on this picture to see it full screen. :) 

As soon as Gray got out of the water, Samuel Gray, his grandson ran straight to him with a hug. The first person to hug Gray after getting up on the bank. 

Gray and Sylvia. Two very special people. Look how young Gray looks! 

The fam. Neither Ronnie or Gray are smiling… thanks. 

Cute. I told Ronnie to hug his momma… not exactly what I was looking for – but it’ll do. 

The Harmon family! Love these guys! 

Alex and Casey Girl. :) 

Samuel wanted his head dunked in the water too, haha. Casey and I spent a large part of the afternoon sitting on the swing with her asking “why” questions and me answering.
“Why are those people swimming?”
“Why is there a house over there?”
“Why is Ray sitting down?”
“Why is April walking that way?”
Oh, the wonder of a child. She is a sweetheart.

Adorable. Ronnie G Collins, if you don’t profile pic all these you’re dead meat!  

I love my Samuel Gray. :) Precious boy with such a precious heart. 

Ronnie and his two sons, Samuel and Judah, before the baptisms.
Love this.  

The pic above reminds me a lot of this pic below.
One I took a few years ago when Judah was first born.

It really was a great great greeaatt day. I LOVE being outdoors, and I LOVE being at the River. I want more summer days like this past sunday.

The end.
Hope you enjoyed the pics. :)

Sneak Peek of my next post:
and yes, click to view full screen.
Brenda and April – you are going to love these!

Girls have cooties.
Aren’t they adorable? Get excited. :)


6 thoughts on “To the river

  1. I am just CRYING I’m so happy. So happy that I have witnessed my son being baptized and receive as Ronnie said God’s mark on his life. Happy for Ronnie and his family….that just took my breath away too-happy that you got to talk with Casey and answer some of those “why” questions…..and for that precious shot of Casey and Jacob. Oh my goodness God has brought our family to such a wonderful point and place. Thank You Thank You Thank You. I am so grateful to know you and be a part of our amazing church! Glory to God :)

  2. wow! Awesome pics laura! What kind of camera were you using that day and how many lenses did you change???? Seriously! Beautiful pics-awesome day and a magnificent GOD! Glory be to God forever and ever! Love you all!

  3. Laura,
    Awesome and excellent pictures ! You sure have the photography gene and one honkin’ camera I would say. The detail and clarity are just great. I think Some water got on me while looking at these. : – ) It must be one fantastic experience to be baptized or witness baptism in the river. I myself was baptized by immersion many years ago in my Baptist church in N. Va. in a sunken pool in the floor at the altar.
    Mary .

  4. Wow, great photography, you caught so many moments that were perfect! Ronnie is rocking that church with Gods love and bringing them to salvation thru Jesus. I don’t even know you all and it gives me goose bumps…

  5. Thank you so much everyone!!!!! :) Glad yall liked ’em.

    Thank you so much for your kind words Ms. Eckwerth – I am SO touched that you liked my post and the pictures!!!!! We are so blessed to have Ronnie and ootbwc. I hope you can come one sunday!!!!

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