An Egg-cellent idea

Hi Friends.
After much deliberation and a BRILLIANT idea,
I’m standing in my kitchen waiting on water to boil.. what am I having for supper?
(sorry for the cell phone quality)

Egg Salad. :) Straight from these lovely ladies.

chickens on my farm in Hebron. =] mmmhhmm. love me some good egg salad.
If you’ve never had real eggs (only the bleachy icky white ones at the grocery store)
YOU ARE MISSING OUT. These are legit and taste better times 12346 million. Yes they are brown.

Quick tips for boiling eggs
(this is clearly for my younger readers, moms, skim on down.. ;) haha)

  1. Put the egg in the pan BEFORE you boil the water
  2. Fill the water up to be about an inch and a half above your eggs
  3.  My method of peeling? Place the egg on top of a paper towel folded in half. Roll the egg under your palm with a little bit of pressure.
  4. I like mayo and sweet relish in my egg salad with some cracked pepper. sometimes I add a little sugar, when I’m feeling extra sweet. :) Everyone is different! My granny loves celery in hers – yuck. Some people like mustard..I like to keep it simple.
  5. **MAYO = Hellman’s. The only way to go. Get that kraft crap outta my kitchen.

My favorite pair of boots.

I love my home. :)
(rip in my jeans = direct result of me falling on my face..)

My next post??
Here’s a preview from my favorite band IN THE ENTIRE WORLD to get you excited and give you a hint. =]
Imagebearer should enjoy this one.

any guesses about my next topic?? 

Fun fact: the freckle showing on my hand in the first picture is my favorite freckle. Yes, I have a favorite freckle. Don’t judge. :P
(also, the blue on my middle finger is fun from painting with Annalee today)


4 thoughts on “An Egg-cellent idea

  1. I have a favorite freckle too!!
    It’s on the back of my right hand. I think it’s fading though, which makes me super sad.

  2. Please feel sorry for me–I’ve never had fresh eggs that I can remember and the only egg salad I’ve had is at work off of what I like to call “The Wheel of Death”. It’s actually not that bad. I love the ladies that contributed to your meal! And what kind of camera do you use? Love the pics. Especially the boots!

  3. oh noooo!!!! We’re definitely going to have to get you some fresh eggs from Hebron. :) they’re awesome! The camera is a Nikon d8000 (it’s daddy’s… buuuttt I’m in love with it, haha)

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