My Dilemma

So here it is. I’m going crazy. :/ There are 2309821 million things that need to be done and I’m almost at my breaking point. We still need a few thousand dollars to go on the Nicaragua trip, I still have ENDLESS amounts of details to work out for that (oh just thinking about it makes me want to cry from stress..). Both grandparents are still in the hospital… :( Classes started yesterday and I moved into my new ant filled apartment..the ootbwc bulletin has to be done tomorrow, and the fumc office is waiting on a deposit from me for the chicken dinner. Work started back today, my dishwasher just exploded with soap, my best friend is moving in one week, and I have 3 chapters to read before my quiz tomorrow… it’s been a stressful last few days.

We still have major money needed to go on the Nica trip. My team is getting burnt out with fundraisers – they have all worked so hard for the last year. It should not be this hard to help people. We’re just trying to get to Nicaragua to help some orphans! I am exhausted and overwhelmed.

I’m starting to reconsider my plans for next year… I just want to do more with my life… I want to be making a difference, helping people…Why is everything so hard to figure out?

Both grandfathers are still in need of major prayer… They can’t get GPa Holderfield off the breathing tube, and Pa Lineberry has a long road ahead of him. My parents, aunts, and other family members are devoting a lot of time to sitting in the hospital with my grandfathers. I want so badly to be in Carroll County with my family..

Lineberry’s / Sizemore’s / Holderfield’s are tough.. I’m sure we’ll see it through.

God is bigger.


One thought on “My Dilemma

  1. Laura,
    Never doubt that you are making a difference right here in the lives of the people all around you. Your walk with God has compelled some of us to get out of our comfy seats and today we are doing things we never thought we would. Like going to Slovakia, drawing in public and helping missions raise money. Our children ( and children around the world) will never be the same because of your love for LIFE. Both of my daughters believe in the right to life because of what you have done and that legacy still lives on today. It has been passed onto the next generation of believers. God is using you to change Carroll County ( and the world) one life at a time. Domino!!! I’ve never known anyone your age with as much gusto, confidence and trust in God as you have!
    It’s okay to ask for help and it seems that the ants like our house just as well as they do yours! We are praying (and believing) for your Grandparents, your parents and your family as well as you! Trust in the Lord with all your heart!
    We love you dearly….PHIL 4:13

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