a quick introduction:

Everyone, I would like to introduce you to my Annaleebee.

I’m sure you’ll be reading lots more about this jewel of a gal. :) sooooo, it’s important you get to know her!

She is an amazing lady – beautiful on the inside AND out.
So beautiful. So genuine. So sincere.

She’s moving to Wilmington next month.
She’ll be 558.38 miles away from me, that’s 5.5 hours!


I am very sad…but I am also VERY excited. I know Annalee will thrive at UNC Wilmington.

We both LOVE LOVE LOVE One Tree Hill… yes, that show is still around!
don’t judge.
She sent me this pic from her phone…she’s standing at the River Court!!!
Jealous x 21309823091823019283

important things to know about Annalee:

  • She loves good music! Especially @Tyler Ward
  • She is super crafty (post coming later about our DIY project last week!)
  • She. is. hilarious.
  • She has a heart for Relay (American Cancer Society)
  • Jeep. Jeep. Jeep. Jeep. Jeep. FTW
  • Puppies are her weakness
  • She can KILL a bottle of sweet tea from Hokie Grill in .7 seconds
  • She’s from Amish country, but not Amish.
  • We basically have the same heart.

click this pic so you can view it full screen and appreciate it’s awesome-ness. :) 

(Let me make something clear: 3rd row on the left I am NOT sniffing my pits.)

Her message sent with the pic below: “Holy balls I live here. This is my heaven on earth.”

Spread your wings and fly, darling. i love you. <3

http://www.mapquest.com/#fc77c0df19e19a16a19f1122  = bookmarked.

What about my readers? Have a best friend that shares the same heart??? Leave a reply below and tell me about it!!


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