Every time I’m in the Hospital with my grandparents I am overwhelmed with the amount of unconditional and selfless love shown by my Grandmothers.

Both of my grandfathers are in the hospital. Grandpa Holderfield was scheduled to have surgery in Baptist (Winston-Salem) today to remove cancer from his diaphragm.  (post from yesterday)  This morning, however, my other grandpa, Pa Lineberry, was taken to the ER in Galax unexpectedly because of abdominal problems. My family was already in Winston with Grandpa Holderfield, so I spent the day with Granny and Pa Lineberry in Galax.

Both of my grandfathers have had cancer, and both have had surgery to remove the cancer. Pa’s was in 2008, and Grandpa’s in 2009. Pa Lineberry is now cancer free, Praise God! Today they were able to remover 90% of the cancer from Grandpa Holderfield’s stomach and he’ll have to stay for around 9 days. Pa Lineberry has a colonoscopy scheduled for tomorrow to figure out what’s wrong and will have to stay for at least the weekend.

Granny was by Pa’s side the entire time today. No matter what he needed – she took care of it. She wasn’t grossed out, she wasn’t impatient…she was exactly what he needed. I could see the appreciation and the deep love for Granny that Pa had in his eyes.

I was so touched today watching Granny take care of Pa. Their companionship is inspiring.

Grandma is the same way with Grandpa. No matter what Pa or Grandpa go through, Grandma and Granny are right by their side the entire time. No matter what we say or do, they will not leave for longer than an hour.   I finally convinced Granny to head home to shower and get a change of clothes. I sat with pa feeding him ice chips while she drove to the Gap and when she returned she had her hair half up in rollers.

I hope I’m just like that when I grow up. <3 Isn’t she beautiful? You can see her precious heart smiling through her eyes.

My Granny and Pa started dating in the fifth grade…can you imagine that? They’ve shared their entire lives together.

“The secret to 50 years of marriage? You agree to disagree. You respect one another’s opinion even though you don’t agree sometimes. You don’t get your way all the time. You have to learn to give in..and it’ll work. It did for us.”
– Pa, March 2009

(above) Granny’s surprise birthday party last week – Pa planned it all himself.
(below) I love love LOVE the way Granny is looking at Pa in this picture. :)

“Why do I love granny? I don’t know any better!! I’ve loved her all her life. We met in the 5th grade. And we were sweethearts by the 6th. We did things together and we enjoyed being together. And not only were we sweethearts but we were best buddies. She’s the best buddy I ever had… and she still is.”
– Pa [March 2009, 50th Wedding Anniversary]

I want that.
I want to have the type of relationship my grandparents have.
So deeply loving, so unconditional, so genuine.

My Grandfathers are amazing men.
My Grandmothers are their strength.


4 thoughts on “Grandmothers

  1. You are so blessed to have both sets of your grandparents as wonderful, godly, loving role models! Your post was beautiful-you really need to provide kleenex along with your posts! LOL What a blessing!

  2. Aww, Laura, this is amazing.
    I honestly teared up reading this. It reminds me so much of my own Nana and Papa. They were married for 49 years and Papa was planning a surprise 50th anniversary party for Nana when she passed away. I’ve always hoped I can have a love like that some day.
    You are so blessed to still have all four of them :)

  3. Love your new blog! Thanks for leading me here. And, I love this post about grandparents. I am super close to mine too; and, I agree… There is something just SO special about that relationship. Good luck to you as you begin your blogging adventure!

  4. This is the way God ment for marriage to be. My mother and father, Richard and Rachel Slate, have been married for 68 years and now Dad is taking care of her because she is sick with Alzheimers. It is amazing to watch and see what unconditional love is. You are lucky to have 2 sets of Grandparents who have been such a fine example to you.

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