My Grandpa

is having his second surgery tomorrow to remover cancer from around his diaphragm and colon.
Surgery should last around 12 hours…

Please keep in him your prayers. <3 Took this picture last summer while we were pickin cherries on the farm. :)
(I hope I’m this cute when I’m old)

He is a precious man and I admire him so much. <3
Love you Grandpa. You’ve got this.


4 thoughts on “My Grandpa

  1. Praying for Gramps today-as well as the rest of the family! As you always say: God is bigger than this! We love you all! Your blog is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOOOOOOOVE it!!!!!!! Great job!!!!

  2. I’m enjoying your new blog. Has Jay started one as well? Love the quilt-making theme–Heather and Lara spent time working with their grandmothers on piecing quilts too and they will never forget the wonderful conversations they shared. I remember stitching with my grandmother as a little girl too. Glad you are continuing a wonderful tradition!

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