Puppy Lovins

A lot of fun things happened today. :)
I ate lunch with my beautiful friend, Jenna, and theeennn got to babysit.
World, meet Mia. :)

We spent the afternoon together while Mommy had an eye appointment and went to get her nails done.
We had LOTS of fun. =]
There was a lot of chewing of Laura’s fingers.. 

A lot of running down the hallway, chasing toys, chewing Laura’s pants, and one small pee in the living room. (oops)
Isn’t she precious?

I literally spent about about 3 hours straight playing with this pup, and here is why I think dogs are awesome.

  1. They. are. adorable.
  2. They lick your face every time they see you – how can you not feel loved?
  3. No matter what has happened in your day, they ALWAYS make it better.
  4. When they fall asleep in your lap they look like baby angles.
  5. They’re soft. (cuddling with someone soft is always great)
  6. They are grateful and unconditionally love people
  7. They look like teddy bears (see picture below)

How could seeing a precious pup like this NOT make you smile?!?!!
(Ignore my matted looking hair)

Mia and I had a fab time. We’re bff’s now and I am absolutely in love with her.
First person to buy me a pomapoo wins my heart forever!!!!! go go goooo!

aaaannndddd EXCITING NEWS: if you remember my post from last week…
we have a new baby on the farm!!!! wooo!!! Babygirl did it! :) This is Allie Mae, who is maybe a colt… maybe a mule… TBD.

Rose (mom) is being super protective of Allie Mae… she can’t be more than 3 feet away from her. I think Allie is a colt. The person we bought Rose from swears up and down that she’s a mule… oh well. Regardless, she is cute.

In other news: Tonight I swapped my grandma’s jar of buttons from her sewing chest. :) AND, soon I will be sharing some crafty jewel of a post.

People are stupid: click here

AND, I FINALLY got my invite to join pinterest. eeekk! So excited. :)

Keep smilin. :)


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