Your Personal Brand

This is my first post as an official graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (GO HOKIES!!!)
I have been told the correct form of the word is alumna, not alumni. :)
Regardless, I am DONE!!!! wooo!!!!!!! Today was a great day!

    If I could sum up on thing I learned at Virginia Tech; it would be the importance of a personal brand (Professor Wertalik!!!). Everyone has a brand – their passions, their joys, their energy.. the few things that make them different and unique. I am still learning my brand. I think it’s a continual process. However, I like to think the personal brand I have going right now is one of sincerity, a full heart, southern charm, the burning desire to help others, and a hard work ethic. My brand is a passion for children in suffering. My brand is Nicaragua. My brand is marketing! Church creative work and inspiring fresh designs. My brand is joy.

Find your brand. Embrace it. Go for it.

When someone asks you what your passions are, what do you say? When they ask you what your job is, what’s your answer?  Are they the same thing? ….should they be?

For me, the answer is yes. My passion is VT’s motto: “Ut Prosim” That I may Serve. I don’t want to live my life behind a desk answering phone calls or trying to convince someone to buy a product they don’t need. I want to live my life by making a difference; helping others; paying it forward.

A brand is the essence that a product, service or company will be experienced by a buyer.

 Find your passion. Embrace what makes you unique. Live your personal brand.


Cheesy graduation pictures. Enjoy!

we took a LOT of pictures.

and then I went to see my best friend at Moe’s. :)
So, what’s next??


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