Quilting with Grandma – Day 1

My grandma and I are making a quilt together this summer! And I’m starting a blog about it. :) But let’s be honest, I rarely keep these things going… so we’ll see what happens! Crossing my fingers this will stick. Want to help me? Fellow bloggers subscribe, and suggest me to your friends!

I’m really excited. =] My favorite color in the entire WORLD is a deep teal. Grandma and I went looking for fabric last week. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any good teal…we only found one solid piece! But oh well, I think (hope) these colors will go together!

My pretty colors.

It’s actually not this yellow at all… it’s really beige, but the lighting in Grandma’s basement made this shot look yellow. oops.

oh, and p.s., here is my Grandma!!! Isn’t she a beaut?

see you soon, world.


One thought on “Quilting with Grandma – Day 1

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